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Care for Your Golden Retriever Like a Vet Would

Cute golden retrievers

Why Do Golden Retrievers Put Their Paw on You?

Golden retrievers, just like any other dog breed, ‘speak’ through growls and barks. When they want something from you or wish to get your attention, they often do it through sounds.   They are also known for communicating largely through…

a dog holding a ball

When Do Golden Retrievers Stop Biting?

If you’re reading this article, chances are that your Golden Retriever has turned into a biting machine. And frankly, you are clueless about when this little mouthy ball of fur is going to stop biting!   Golden retrievers are friendly…

two puppies running

When Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down? Understanding Your Golden

When you first got your golden retriever, you just couldn’t help but adore its endless energy and spunk. After all, it seemed like a great dose of happiness that you knew was waiting for you at home.   But it’s…

A cute golden retriever Dog

Overweight Golden Retrievers: Big-Boned, Chunky, or Just Fat?

The golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. This is because the golden retriever is a very friendly and outgoing family dog. They are joyous animals that have a very playful approach to life. Alongside all…

A cute golden retriever

Do Golden Retrievers Drool Excessively? How to Help them From Drooling

If you are a dog owner, then you must be aware of the fact that mostly all dogs drool. It is one of the very natural things that canines do, especially when they see food. There can also be other…

Grooming tools for Golden Retrievers

The 5 Best Grooming Tools for Golden Retrievers

Don’t you just love your Golden Retriever’s locks of golden hair, because we definitely do? As an owner of a Golden Retriever, we all want to make sure that our goldie looks and feels good. And for that, at-home grooming…

A Playful Golden Retriever

Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold? Learn How to Keep Your Dog Warm

Don’t you love the ever-so cheerful and playful golden retriever? The way they snuggle with their owner and obey their every command makes everyone fall in love with them. There is no secret that golden retrievers are happy and loving…

A very cute golden retriever puppy

Are Golden Retrievers Double Coated? Understand Your Dogs Fur

The golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Being one of the cutest dogs ever, this breed is very friendly and is a great dog breed to keep as a house pet. Golden retrievers…

A golden retriever dog resting on the grass

When Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Understanding Your Dogs Shedding

Have you recently introduced a cute golden retriever pup/dog to your family? Or are you planning to do so? In either case, there are certain characteristics of the golden retriever that you should know.   Having thorough knowledge about golden…

are golden retrievers good with cats

Are Golden Retrievers Good with Cats? Find Out Right Meow!

If you are an owner of a golden retriever, you must very well know by now how friendly golden retrievers are, not just with humans but also with other animals. This breed is so full of love that you can’t…

Golden Retrievers are some of the most popular dogs in the US

Lumps in Golden Retrievers: What Do They Mean for Your Dog?

Developing lumps with age is normal for humans as well as animals. However, if you’re a responsible dog owner, you should take your pet to a vet when you notice one. The majority of these lumps are usually harmless. They…

A golden retriever dog with its tongue out

How Much Do Purebred Golden Retrievers Cost?

Golden retrievers are known as one of the friendliest dog breeds in the world. They are the best pets to have since they are sweet, loving, intelligent, and possess any other positive quality you look for in a dog. According to…

A couple with their Golden Retriever

What Comes in a BarkBox for Golden Retrievers?

Have you heard about BarkBox? It is a subscription service that delivers unique goodies for your canine friend every single month. Some people are skeptical about this service because it makes them feel like they are letting someone else shop…

golden retriever growth chart

Golden Retriever Growth Chart: How Fast Should a Golden Grow?

A highly sought-after dog breed, the Golden Retriever is popular mainly because of its versatility. The natural dispositions of the Retriever make it a great family dog. Not only is the Golden Retriever a great addition to the family, but…

golden retriever pitbull mix

Golden Retriever Pitbull Mix: Everything You Need to Know

The Golden Retriever Pitbull Mix is the offspring of the purebred Pitbull and the purebred Golden Retriever. Also called the Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix, this dog breed is a good looking and generally well-behaved dog. However, the Golden Retriever Pitbull… Protection Status